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      Welcome to the Extreme Chocolate page.   Our goal is to provide you with the best available information about chocolate desserts in San Diego, California (America's seventh largest city).   Toward that end we read the local reviews (a recent annual dining review, including desserts, can be found in the August, 2004 edition of the San Diego Magazine).    And yes, their readers and Patrica, a reviewer, agreed that the best desserts in San Diego can be found at Extraordinary Desserts on Fifth Avenue.     Moreover, if you ever meet Karen (the charming owner) there, you may be won over because they have a nice early evening ambiance, as well as a fine selection of chocolate desserts.

      However, if you are among the rare few who can tell the difference, and crave great chocolate desserts occassionally, then you should consider our offer.   We visited the best, in our view of course, and sampled everything in our chocolate dessert database more than once.   Thus, we can offer, for a fee, a wider selection of locations, tastes and prices.

If you haven't already done so, run your mouse cursor over the pictures above, and then consider these examples below:

This is a three inch plus tall flourless bittersweet chocolate cake.   It is very dense and rich, and the plate is garnished with raspberry sauce and a fresh strawberry.  If you love rich rich chocolate cakes, this is the one for you.

Before ordering your dessert at this location, there is one critical question that you must ask yourself and answer.  Then consider this very moist seven layer cake with six layers of chocolate icing and three large rosetts of real whipped cream.

This master Chocolatier orders his chocolate from San Francisco and this cake has three layers of moist dark chocolate with two filling layers and the frosting consisting of boiled chocolate and fresh cream (similar to fudge).   The outer edge has chocolate sprinkles.  It is very rich, but not too sweet.   How far would you drive for this $2.00 masterpiece, or $24.00 for the entire cake?
          Nearby but out of town:

This round serving of flourless chocolate cake, coated in dark chocolate, was topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.  Great presentation and at $2.00 it's a bargain, but it is too sweet for our liking. In a nearby city.
Also in a nearby city where this location doesn't do cakes, you can find the World's finest chocolate direct from South America, in Bonbons, Truffles, and as Dipped Fruit, etc.   They use only natural ingredients and no preservatives.

      We read the mid September, 2004 San Diego Union-Tribune article titled, "Sweet success: Female chefs dominate the dessert side of the kitchen."   It stated that with the exception of a few French chefs, "women are the best-known pastry chefs in the country today....For five years running, a woman has won the James Beard pastry-chef award, a national honor that's the culinary equivalent of an Oscar."   Courious about where Yulanda Santos or Michele Coulon work here in San Diego?

      We also considered and reviewed the 2004 Zagat Survey (25th anniversary edition) that contains 1,220 restaurants in 41 U.S. locales.   San Diego has 21 restaurants listings, two of which were identified as Extraordinary to Perfection.

      Because we are starting, and believe that feedback will make our recommendations stronger, the initial introductory price for the list of places we visited with one or two chocolate dessert recommendations for each place is $20.00.   The complete list with all evaluations and information (hours, prices, pictures, seating, parking, etc. is $45.00.   Simply click on the envelope below to request additional information.

      Most sincerely yours, George and the staff.

      "Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate."     -- Anonymous.


To date we have visited 18 establishments and tasted 36 different chocolate desserts.



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